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The devil is in the details. For months, provincial premiers and the federal government have been at odds over funding, with the provinces calling for more and with the federal government holding to the funding formula cuts put in place by the Harper government. By adopting the sizeable reduction in the health care funding formula that Harper proposed, and by tying funding to GDP, the Trudeau government is insulating itself from the impact of population aging on health care costs at the expense of the provinces who cannot afford it, according to than the federal government’s own Parliamentary Budget Office. (See the 2014 report of the PBO.) If the federal government does not move off of their plans to chop to the funding formula, provinces like Ontario will face increased pressure for health care cuts and privatization. Ontario Minister of Health, Dr. Eric Hoskins, is calling for a 5.2 per cent escalator and a 10-year Accord. Both the Parliamentary Budget Office of Canada and Ontario’s Financial Accountability Office have used this number as a reasonable projection of health funding needs. This means it is the actual amount needed to meet the population’s health care needs, taking into account population growth, ageing, inflation and economic growth/utilization. Dr. Hoskins has also indicated willingness for the province to be accountable for spending the funds on agreed health care priorities. The Ontario Health Coalition agrees in principle.

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